02.09.2020 15:31

During the meeting, it was determined the procedure for the functioning of the Working Group

04.08.2020 10:30

The procedure will start on August 17

23.07.2020 19:41

Following a working meeting between the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov and the President of the Ukrainian Association of Football Andriy Pavelko, it was agreed to let spectators visit the playoff matches of the Favbet League

23.07.2020 19:38

The corresponding amendments have been made to the Favbet League 2019/20 standings

17.07.2020 11:04

Oleksandria, Kolos, Dnipro-1 and Mariupol will play at this stage of the competition

22.06.2020 18:48

These are the CIES figures

27.05.2020 09:53

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine granted a formal permission to resume the Favbet League matches starting this weekend

28.02.2020 11:26

A new report by the International Center for Sports Research is devoted to the topic on cards given in the World Championships

19.02.2020 10:28

During the first half of the season, five top teams of the first division changed their coaches