In UPL there are 5.36 yellow and 0.30 red cards per match

These are the results of a research made by CIES

The first, after a very long break, report of the International Centre for Sports Studies was again devoted to the topic of the number of bookings in different leagues of the world.
This time, Alpine analysts reviewed 87 Championships from all Confederations, traditionally covering a five-year period (2015/16 - 2019/20).
As following from the report, in the Ukrainian Championship it is given 5.36 yellow and 0.30 red cards on average per match.
What is interesting is that, in the second part of the report, CIES analysts - not for the first time - decided to use an unconventional approach of "interdisciplinary associations", drawing conclusions that, at best, can be called ambiguous.
In particular, they linked the number of cards in football leagues with certain characteristics of the respective states, namely: the level of GDP, corruption and even ... the number of premeditated murders! The parallels the Swiss found, are accessible by the link: