Ilya Kvasnytsia is one of the best "finishers" in the world

These are the results of a new CIES study

The International Center for Sports Research from Switzerland has published a rating of the best "finishers" in world football - that is, players who have the best efficiency in the chain "shot on goal - scored ball".
Swiss analysts explain their formula as follows: "The finishing index is calculated by multiplying the number of domestic league goals scored per 90’ with the conversion rate of shots taken. The result is adjusted by the sporting level of the matches played (as a percentage difference from the overall average). Only footballers who have played at least 720 domestic league minutes for the same team during the current season are considered".

The only representative of the VBET League in this list is the right winger of Lviv "Rukh" Ilya Kvasnytsia: his index is 0.153, and the "shot conversion rating" is 33.