Sigeev - "marathoner", Krasnopir and Tymchyk - "sprinters"

CIES has published another statistical material

In the new "Weekly Report", the International Center for Sports Research focused on the fastest football players in the world.
The players were divided into two categories: "marathoners" - those who move the fastest during 90 minutes of playing time, and "sprinters" - those who show maximum speed in short game segments; in the second category, performers were divided into two groups - in the offensive phase of the game and the defensive phase.
Among the "marathoners" VBET League is represented by the center of "Olexandria" Kyrylo Sigeev, among the "sprinters" - the forward of "Oboloni" Ihor Krasnopir and the defender of "Dynamo" Oleksandr Tymchyk, respectively.