Vbet League
9.1% of VBET League players are players on loan

"The most generous" club - "Dynamo"

18th Round of the UPL Championship will be proclaimed the Round of Remembrance in honor of the representatives of the football fan community who died at war

We want to emphasize once again that we are the members of the big Ukrainian football family, and it is not the option to leave the family down

The UPL, together with all of Ukraine, is coming through the Anniversary of the invasion…

On February 24, 2022 our lives changed forever

The academies of Shakhtar and Dynamo are among the best in the world
15.02.2023 13:17

These are the results of another CIES study

Yurii Vernydub: the Coach of the Year in the Eastern Europe and the Man of the Year in the world
01.02.2023 13:07

According to the British World Soccer magazine

"Dynamo" is the second club in Europe, "Shakhtar" is the fourth
18.01.2023 14:39

This is according to a new CIES report

The UPL team wishes a Merry Christmas!
07.01.2023 06:00

January 7 — Christmas according to the Julian calendar

The UPL team wishes Ukraine a Happy New Year!
31.12.2022 06:07

Dear fans, partners and the entire football community!

The UPL team wishes a Merry Christmas!
25.12.2022 06:06

On December 25 Christmas is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar

The Ukrainian Premier League congratulates the UAF on its anniversary!
13.12.2022 06:28

On December 13, 1991, the governing body that manages the national football started its independent activities

The Ukrainian Premier League congratulates the World Football Day!
10.12.2022 06:40

According to the decision of the UN, December 10 is celebrated as World Football Day

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